Technical parameters


Modulated, with electric ignition and flame control. Power 40 kW + smooth regulation from 20-100% power


The seller provides the buyer with a one-year warranty for the SR15 coffee roasting device

Coffee roasting oven

  • The offer also includes a version made of acid-resistant steel
  • Produced in Poland
  • The device is compatible with the SA25 exhaust afterburner
  • Double-walled drum
  • Temperature sensors in coffee and exhaust gases
  • Stainless steel housing (custom painted)
  • Drum rotation speed control
  • Controlling the speed of the combustion fan
  • Possibility to monitor temperatures on PC
  • Possibility to control air flow and burner power from PC (USB)
  • PLC controller with 15″ touch panel
  • Possibility to control the smoking process on an external computer via WiFi
  • Profiling the roasting process – repeatability of coffee roasting from the machine’s computer memory
  • The oven has an additional offer with a descaling agent and green coffee feed (bottom or top)
  • Connection type: L+N+PE
  • The machine is compatible with Artisan and Cropster software